Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday, October 25th

Today was a lazy stay at home day with dad while I was at work. Usually lazy days with dad mean staying in pajamas all day long, so you can imagine my surprise when I came home and found Peyton was actually dressed, haha!

I got these basic leggings for $2 at the baby gap outlet! Scooooore! The shirt is just a basic tee from Target. Together these create a cute but comfy outfit. The pants are a couple sizes to big, but they still work :)

Saturday, October 24th

Mommy got called into work today, so sadly Peyton and I couldn't have a little girls day. So instead she went to the zoo with my mom, and I found this outfit oh so appropriate. It is a total basic outfit, yet totally cute.

The pats are basic black leggings from Target, as are the shoes. Both leggings and those shoes are a HUGE staple in our wardrobe this fall. The shirt is a very cute zebra print long sleeve tee from Dillards, a department store. The whole outfit is sooo cute and SO affordable, I love cheap basics!

The bow was from one of my favorite boutiques. Sadly the owner turned out to be a scammer and made away with my $200 and I am out my money and the rest of the bows she owes me. It was called Tutu Sweet Bowtique, the owner was Lacey. So a word to the wise, avoid Lacey or Elle , or whatever alias she is going by now.

Luckily we found a new even better boutique! The owner Ashely is AMAZING! She has a dot com in the making, I'll be sure to link it once its finished! And Peyton gets to be a bow model for her! Sooo exciting! As you'll learn, bows are our favorite accessory!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friday October 23rd

Peyton turned 8 months today! And she had a nice lazy jammie day! Mommy had to work, so she just hung around the house with grandma, no need to get all dressed up for that, right? :P

She is wearing pink pants, Carters Brand, and a cute jammie top.


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