Monday, November 9, 2009

Do you love Peyton's bows?!?!

I am OBSESSED with buying bows for Peyton! She can never have enough bows, and I am super picky!

If you are as bow obsessed as me then I have the right bow makers for you!

First off, is this lovely bow maker Ashley. This is her boutique- She is seriously AMAZING, her bows are my favorite!

Next is Mindy! She is also amazing! I recently received and adorable korker bow that she made for me because I was scammed out of bows and money from a previous bow maker I used to buy from. It is cuter than I could have even imagined. Check her out on myspace-

Sammie is another bow making friend of mine. I recently put in an order with her, and am SO excited to get it! Her bows are great! Here is her website

Rach is the clippie QUEEN! I cannot wait for Peyton to get hair so I can order from her! Seriously, you name it, she can make it. I love her work!

Now with all of these bows you are bound to need a bow holder! Well do I ever have the perfect bow holder maker for you! Her skill blows me away! I can't wait to put in an order with her!
Her name is Kari, I love her to death, she is so sweet, and soo extremely talented!

Hope that gives you all some good ideas! Happy shopping!

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